Bill Murray’s Eggs!!

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon on a grey plate

In memory of one of our most favourite movie experiences.

Our love for Bill Murray is well known, and his love for our scrambled eggs is a running ‘yolk’ that’s been heard way too many times onset. We met on the set of Hyde Park on Hudson, shot on the stunning Getty estate. It was our first movie, we were both excited and nervous in equal measures – we rocked up in our little street food van, Elvira May and a Luton – full of kitchen equipment. The crews took one look at our ‘get up’ and pissed themselves, thinking “how are this lot gonna feed us with that?!”

Within no time our ‘field’ kitchen was set up and firing – bacon and fresh sourdough bread on the BBQ and the smells of breakfast wafting down the sloping gardens like the old gravy adverts.

Always larking about, it wasn’t long before Bill was in our kitchen having a giggle and winding us up. He had a particular penchant for our scrambled eggs, constantly asking how we made them. Always getting caught with his fingers in the eggs and getting a wrack on the knuckles with a wooden spoon…… hence Bill Murray’s eggs!!

So, not teaching you how to suck eggs but…… simple cookery still requires skill and great ingredients.

  • Using a wide heavy bottomed pan, get the pan nice and hot.
  • Add a knob of good quality butter like Kerrygold pure Irish butter.
  • Whisk (2 per person) good quality eggs, we use free range Clarence Court Eggs with some decent sea salt and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.
  • Pour into the pan, and when a thin layer has formed, using a flat wooden spatula, scrape from one side to the other so that it forms thin ripples, turning the egg over just once.
  • Then when the eggs are mostly cooked but still a little wet, serve up. The egg will keep cooking so make it snappy!

We’ve added some smoked salmon and Welshman’s Caviar to mix it up.

Hope you enjoy the snaps.

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