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Yummies food being served (photograph).
Photograph of coffee and brownies.

Quality Craft Services

Healthy Yummies is famous for craft services. Keep your crew bubbling along all day with one of our craft services units. Barista coffees and specialty teas, smoothies, juices, tinctures are just the beginning. Our AM and PM snack bar options offer something to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. Nourishing or naughty, healthy or hedonistic, we’ve got you covered.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice
And All Things Nice

Whether you’re tacking an XS Crafty Flight Case onto your Hot Box Catering services, or you have 568 on your 2XL shoot crew who want to graze all day from our full sized craft, our craft services will help you push through.

Photograph of pots of fruit and porridge.

Craft Services FAQs

Location Catering is a much bigger operation than Craft Services as it involves preparing and serving full meals, whereas Craft Services consist of providing snacks and refreshments that can be grabbed at a cast/crew member’s convenience. Craft Services are usually provided via mobile food trucks, whereas a full catering service would most commonly be provided in a dining area of some kind.

Maybe – but for how long?! An army marches on its stomach is a phrase we use a lot – because it’s true. However…We appreciate that a full catering service isn’t always workable and for this reason we also provide Hotbox CateringYummies, delivered.

Back in 1960s Hollywood, to make life easier, a number of miscellaneous duties previously carried out by production assistants became specialist roles. The art of keeping cast and crew energised and on top form was one such duty and it became known as craft services, with those providing it sometimes referred to as crafties.

A craft services unit will typically provide the range of hot beverages you’d find in a high street coffee shop. Our baristas pride themselves in serving excellent coffee at just the right strength. Lattes, Americanos, Cortados, yada yada – you name it we can do it, with a wide range of milks always available. We serve ‘builders’ tea as well as a range of herbal teas (please let us know if you have any specific requests). We also provide water (obviously, on-tap whenever possible), fruit juices, smoothies and tinctures (medicinal concoctions).

In terms of food, our craft snacks range from naughty to nourishing. Our offering might be something along the lines of brownies, cakes, pastries, protein bars, crisps, nuts and fruit – but we’re flexible and given notice can accommodate most requests. The scope of Craft Services doesn’t include full meals. If this is what you’re looking for, take a look at either our Hot Box Catering service, which we often provide in conjunction Craft Services for smaller shoots, or Location Catering, a more encompassing service for larger shoots.

Let’s discuss your requirements

Tell us about your craft catering requirements using the adjacent form. Give us a rough idea of dates and numbers and let’s work something out. Alternatively you can get in touch via the following:


Diary Service Manager – Wizzo & Co.
Call Mabel Hopper on +44 (0)20 7437 2055

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