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Our kitchens are your lunchbox!

Photograph of a Yummies team member - face not visible - holding a bowl of food.
Photograph of a Yummies team member preparing food on location.

Keeping your
army marching

Meet us in the dining hall with our delicious hot and cold breakfast and lunch options, our groovy playlists, AND our awesome staff who are there to ensure your army is fed and ready to roll when your director is. We work closely with you to provide a tailored breakfast and lunch offering which takes into account the size of your crew, the vibe of your production, AND your budget.

Ethically Correct

Our creative approach to catering planning means that we can take care of you on location or in studio, whether you are a small crew of 80 or a giant crew of 800+, with ease and efficiency. Sustainability is super important to us, and we know it is to you, too. Let’s discuss what we can do together to reduce the carbon footprint of feeding your army. Need something more scaled back? Take a look at our hot box catering and craft services options.

Photograph of a bowl of food - taken from above

Let’s discuss your requirements

Tell us about your location catering requirements using the adjacent form. Give us a rough idea of dates and numbers and let’s figure out a plan. Alternatively you can get in touch via the following:

Email info@healthyyummies.com

Diary Service Manager – Wizzo & Co.
Call Mabel Hopper on +44 (0)20 7437 2055

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    Location Catering FAQs

    Location Catering usually refers to the setting up of a complete catering unit, with a kitchen and dining area (and sometimes a DJ booth too) whereas Craft Services are more along the lines of ‘refreshments’ and most commonly served from a food truck. That said, location catering might incorporate a craft-style food truck or two for the sake of providing drinks and snacks.

    Generally speaking we work within the Greater London area, although we do occasionally venture further afield.

    Yes, we often set up camp at studios to provide either full or ancillary catering services.

    In short, healthy and yummy! We’re highly flexible in terms of what we can provide. Please email us for menu examples.

    Yes – we can prepare almost anything if you give us enough notice. A few days should do it although we might need longer If you want something we’ve never prepared before!