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“Their food is miles above the rest and their service always runs smoothly with beaming smiles and a banging soundtrack. If you get the opportunity you have to try their grilled watermelon and millionaire shortbread – they’re off-the-chain. Yummies Film and TV Catering are my number one and I’ll always fight to have them on my jobs.”


UPM – Bridgerton

“What do you get when you mix a barista, gluten free pizzas, fresh root turmeric with ginger juices, a lunch menu more stylish and original than a Shoreditch pop-up and service that’s not only proud of their produce but also cares about the health and well-being of each and every crew member? Yummies! … I honestly believe they’re setting a new standard in unit catering.”


Executive Producer, Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

“Yummies came in to replace our previous caterers and their presence on set was a welcome relief. Their standard of food far outweighs any caterers I have used in the past and their team are an absolute joy! I’ll definitely be using them on my next production and singing their praises to everyone!”


Production Coordinator – Avenue 5, Season 2

“The best movie food I’ve had in England. It’s healthy, it’s yummy and it’s ethically correct.”


Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)

“If all the gods had transpired to give a catering company the perfect title, it was Yummies. They live up to their name and the title doesn’t lie. Healthy and heavenly fresh and yummy EVERY DAY.”


UPM – Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

“Seriously, some of the best craft on the planet. Nichola knows what’s better for you than you do. Plus dancing.”


VP, VFX – Marvel Studios