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Craft Services: Catering the Film & TV Industry with Delicious Food

A tray of burgers in a commercial kitchen, ready to be served

Have you ever wondered how the cast and crew of your favourite films and television shows stay energised and full during long shooting days? The answer lies in the crucial provision of food and beverages by Craft Services. These catering services are responsible for ensuring the nutritional needs of the hardworking team are met, while […]

What is Event Catering Hotboxing?

Two Yummies hotbox lunch dishes, photographed from above.

In this article, I will explore the concept of event catering hotboxing and its impact on ensuring delicious food is served at the correct temperature. Catering hotboxing is a revolutionary technique that utilizes heat-controlled boxes to maintain the temperature of food during transportation and storage. It is becoming increasingly popular in the event industry due […]

Q&A With Rocky

Rocky with black jacket and colourful scarf looking just off camera

Rocky started DJing in the mid 80s playing hip-hop, jazz, soul and funk. He hooked up with Diesel in 87 and did the first Rocky and Diesel gig at Barbarellas, West London. They started to make music with Ashley Beedle in 92 and made their first X-Press 2 record, Muzik Express.  A string of club […]

‘No Gin’, Cucumber, Rosemary and Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail

As part of our trilogy of mocktails for Dry January – our third and final recipe is the ‘No Gin’, Cucumber, Rosemary and Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail – GORGO! RECIPE Rosemary and Juniper Syrup Cocktail Method As Nan would say, “BOB’S YER UNCLE, FANNY’S YER AUNT!” 

‘No Gin’, Cacao, Rose and Cascabel Chilli

'No gin', cacao, rose and cascabel chilli cocktail in a crystal glass with ice and cinnamon and pink rose petals to decorate.

As part of our trilogy of mocktails for all you dry January folk – our first YUMMY contender is the ‘No Gin Cacao, Rose and Cascabel Chilli’ – DELISH! We actually felt quite pissed when testing! Full recipe and method below – enjoy! RECIPE Juniper Syrup Cacao Solution Cocktail Method As Nan would say, “BOB’S YER […]

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