Unit Manager (self-employed)

Photograph of a craft catering van from a low angle.

Responsible for: the management of all on site catering, front of house services and general logistics
Reports to: Operations Director


  • You will require access to your own transport.
  • You must be able to provide proof of right to work in the UK.
  • Up-to-date contact details for at least 2 references.
  • Training: On line registration and achievement of:
    • Food Safety Level 2
    • Health and Safety Level 2

Main Responsibilities:


  • Liaises with the Location Manager (at least 4 weeks prior to deployment) and ensures all ancillary logistics are ordered i.e. water, wastewater, power, easy ups, rubbish bins etc.
  • Ensures accurate equipment checklists are compiled for deployment & all items inspected for condition/serviceability. 
  • Site set up for Food Alert in liaison with Head of Compliance.
  • Vehicles are loaded safely/correctly and where required; larger items secured (in particular gas bottles and bain marie’s).
  • Vehicle checks (i.e. oil, water, tyre pressures, screen-wash, lights) are undertaken and log sheets completed accurately by all drivers.
  • Staffing levels are accurate in accord with requirement.
  • Staff are briefed and trained prior to deployment. 
  • Accommodation organised (subject to business needs) for all contractors /team members/colleagues.
  • Orders for disposables are actioned.
  • To perform any other duties deemed necessary for the smooth and efficient running of the department.

Customer Relations:

  • Live and breathe Healthy Yummies brand and service standards.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and ensure cast and crew receive a warm and personalised welcome.


  • Liaises daily with the Production Manager (PM) or Unit Production Manager (UPM).
  • Consults daily with the Location Manager to ensure all power, water, wastewater and waste requirements are in place/functional.
  • Ensure all Directors are kept updated on key developments.   
  • Sets up What’s App groups for (1) The Catering and Craft team and (2) Production team/Directors. 
  • Ensures accurate distribution of the call sheet information to all colleagues / Directors daily.
  • Communicates all movement details and accommodation info to team members as and when required.
  • Menu information is clearly displayed at all meals – this must include allergen information. 
  • Provide regular communication, including praise and corrective coaching to all team members. 
  • Be proactive in solving problems. 
  • Have a positive approach to communication with all members of the team. 

Management and Administration: 

  • All HACCP, cleaning schedules, allergen information completed daily on Food Alert.
  • Weekly cleaning schedules checked and signed on Food Alert. 
  • All vehicle log sheets completed for every move.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys distributed, completed and collected at the end of the exercise – require a 30% sample of the customer base.
  • Ensures that food and beverage costs comply with Healthy Yummies policy. 
  • Good leadership, organisational, communication and management skills. 
  • Good judgement and decision-making skills.
  • Able to multitask effectively.
  • Work closely with Directors.
  • Ability to take ownership for all tasks, duties and responsibilities assigned to you, ensuring they are successfully completed, in a timely manner, to the required standard.
  • Computer literate with good knowledge of Word/Excel programs.
  • Hands on, proactive approach to the job role.
  • Adhere to all company rules and regulations and procedures, actively complying with all reasonable requests or communications from the company.

Hygiene / Personal Safety / Environment:  

  • Comply with and ensure the team understands and follows all company H&S/FS procedures.
  • Encourage employees to work safely and look out for the safety of fellow workers.
  • Ensure all new team members receive an induction and are given the initial help they need to achieve the required standards in their new job.
  • Ensures all machinery and vehicle works reliably.
  • Is responsible for the security of people and property in the area under his/her remit.

P&L / Finance:

  • Ensure food costs and staffing is kept within the required percentage boundaries (30% food / 35% staffing).
  • Ensure all Pleo purchases are supported by a copy of the receipt. Seek approval from Ops Director if Pleo purchase likely to exceed £150.  

Special Note

During the course of your duty, you will have access to certain information which demands the utmost confidentiality. Discretion must be exercised at all times. Your responsibilities are included but not limited to this job description as this has been drafted as a guide. The company relies on the flexibility of the team to ensure the continuity of high standards.  It is not intended as a wholly comprehensive or permanent schedule of duties – the company reserves the right to amend this scope of works from time to time to accommodate the requirements of the business and the evolving nature of the role.

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