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Crazy P (Danielle, Chris and Jim) standing next to each other looking into the distance

Crazy P consists of Danielle Moore, Chris Todd and Jim Baron. The latter also have monikers ‘Hot Toddy’ and ‘Ron Basejam’. Brought together by their love of djing and production, they met Danielle at an after party in 2000 and she has been their singer ever since. They’ve travelled worldwide, finished a live tour at the end of 2021 and have just finished writing new material for a potential 10th album. As well as this, they are working on a number of remixes and collaborations and on their days off, you can catch them cycling round Nottingham or walking the hilly heights of West Yorkshire. 

We thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A with Crazy P so here goes:


Danielle: “Absolutely, 100% Lord of the Rings, when Frodo tells Gandalf he wishes the ring had never come to him, to which Gandalf replies ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us’. Highly emotional for simplistic reasons. We can spend so much time procrastinating, but time is so important especially as we get older as it moves faster. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love this film. 

Toddy: “From Lost In Translation …when Bob , played by Bill Murray, is filming the whiskey commercial with his Japanese crew. His utter bemusement at the direction from the director is priceless and kind of sums up the gist of one of my fave films of all time.”

Jim: “ ‘I’ve just got one question…are we doing Stonehenge tomorrow night?’ ‘NO WE’RE NOT FUCKING DOING STONEHENGE’ from ‘This is Spinal Tap’. The band meeting following the total staging disaster when the onstage dwarves are in danger of crushing an 18″ high stonehenge monument . To be fair it could be one of many scenes in that film which still, years later, is difficult to beat.”


Danielle: “John Barry -Moonraker – there is a wonderful consuming emotional element to the music in this film. It’s rich in orchestration and never interferes with concentration but engulfs the film and makes it so enthralling.”

Toddy: “Vangelis -Blade Runner…everything is hypnotically beautiful.”

Jim: “Rocky 3 – huge Bill conti fan and he nailed it here. As well as the classic ‘main theme’ and uber uplifting fight music ‘the distance’, you have the downtempo ‘Reflections’ sampled many times over the years. And if that wasn’t enough you get the added bonus of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor and I’m sorry if you can’t get on board with that vibe, we ain’t gonna be friends.”


Danielle: “It would be a bouillabaisse soup with hot crusty bread. Just love broths and soups. So comforting.”

Toddy: “A big steaming bowl of TonKotsu Ramen.”

Jim: “Biggest and juiciest steak they can fit in the prison cell, shit loads of chips, onion rings and blue-cheese sauce washed down with an expensive deep and meaningful red wine. Bread and butter pudding for afters.”


Danielle: “Jacket potato (done in the oven) with grated quality cheddar and Lancashire cheese – must be a good balance of both, with salad cream please, thank you.”

Toddy: “Piles of cheese.”

Jim: “McDonalds breakfast.”


Danielle: “I love a fish dish. Simple Mediterranean style. A good fresh piece of whole fish, some potatoes with a lemon twist and some greens on the side – spinach or broccoli with garlic undertones and a sprinkling of Samphire. Coupled with a crisp glass of chilled white wine! Preferably saving the wine to drink with the meal rather than drinking it all pre meal.”

Toddy: “Spicy food, Indian, East Asian…anything that makes your ring sting….but to be more specific I find cooking really therapeutic and am known as the spice lord of the band. Cooking authentic curries are my specialty. I was educated by my friend Jit, whose mum was a pro in the kitchen.” 

Jim: “When I like it rich, I go Italian, a slow cooked ragu maybe. When I want it spicy, I go Thai style, generally, whatever I end up cooking, curry or stir fry ends up with a fried egg on the top.”

So that concludes our Q&A with Crazy P – now let’s get to the music 

As part of our monthly guest DJ sets on #Mixcloud and next in the line-up to continue our monthly sessions is Crazy P, who will be kicking us off with this…


“After a trip to the South East coast we gathered our minds and decided to mix some of our fave Crazy P songs with our bum shuffling faves of the moment. A couple of glasses of red wine, the sun poking through the Spring sky, an electric heater and off we delved into 90 minutes of beats n vibes. Expect to be moved by the grooves!”

Have a listen, like, follow and please share these beautiful vibes. 

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