Q&A With Jaye Ward

Jaye Ward, looking into the camera with a pick neckerchief and grey t-shirt with "Librarian" on it.

Back before acid house changed the world, Jaye was already ploughing a unique path playing weird and wonky music of all flavours at squat parties and industrial based do’s.  She flung herself wholeheartedly and without concern for her safety into the oncoming tsunami of what we would end up tagging as house, techno or the multitude of varying descriptive titles it has been given, and has stayed true to ‘our thing’ ever since.

Dancing wildly at Dirt Box, the Mutoid Waste parties, The Haçienda, Tonka, Moist and Sabresonic, set her up for the ‘90s where, while Jaye was behind the counters of a number of Soho record shops during the day – and doing the ambient ‘Creamy Meat’ show as Bish on the legendary Chillin’ FM pirate radio – she was often found behind the decks at the legendary WANG parties, the back room at Golden in Stoke on Trent, her residency at London’s sadly defunct END with the ‘For Your Pleasure’ crew, and numerous long gone all nighters and late into the night dark room parties. 

In the 00’s she ran the ‘Soft Machine’ parties alongside George ‘Black Merlin’ and Kyle & Johnny from ‘Land of Light’.  She’s been playing regularly across the country for numerous nights such as LOVE MUSCLE & COSMIC SLOP in Leeds, HOMO BLOC & KISS ME AGAIN in Manchester, and further afield as a resident at the KALA festival as well as Field Maneuvers, Love International and Dimensions in Croatia. She is also the resident at long running & fiercely loyally supported Bristol party PLU, alongside Ranks which has carved out a name for interesting left of centre guests and a distinctly gnarly music policy.

As well as a bi-monthly ambient tinged ‘Star Maps’ show of MUTANT RADIO, Jaye also runs the long running weekly sunday night ‘Magical Real’ show on Netil Radio, from which she broadcasts a monthly dose of all things dub, disco, psychedelic, balearic, and more.

We thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A with Jaye Ward so here goes:


“God so many but the opening scene in ‘BETTY BLUE’ with the pot boiling and Jean-Hugues Anglade saving it from burning that cuts to the mighty Béatrice Dalle walking over to the beach hut is just magical.”


“Again so many but I still play and listen to the ‘COUNTRY MAN’ soundtrack which is a mixture of reggae cuts and deep atmospheric Wally Badarou tracks that totally brings this great film back. Really brilliant soundtrack.”


“Proper pie & mash with liquor or a great curry.”


“No pleasures are guilty but I do love a boxset crime drama.”


“Curries are my fave thing ever. I don’t eat that much meat at home so it’s a treat, but I do love roast veggies. Could make and eat those all day.”

So that concludes our Q&A with Jaye Ward – now let’s get to the music.

This month Jaye is kicking off our #January #Spotify #Playlist with this…


“Lots of deep cuts mixed with classic slices of chilli from all kinds of scenes and genres. Designed to be played randomly and whilst chilling out.”

Have a listen, like and follow. Oh, and please share these beautiful vibes.

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