Our impact

Sustainability, seasonality, ethical sourcing
and giving back is at the forefront of our being.

Girl eating porridge


In 2018, we partnered up with the charity One Feeds Two and have provided a school meal to a WHOPPING 176,500 children living in poverty!

It’s really simple, for each meal we provide on set, we donate one to One Feeds Two, which goes directly to the teams on the ground providing the meals. The number of children that still have no provision of food is astronomical BUT, together we can make a massive difference.

Watch this wonderful little video of the co-founder JP Campbell explaining the concept.

One Feeds Two logo, featuring the suggestion of a smiley face.

A graphic that combines a picture of planet Earth from Space with one of the Healthy Yummies logos.

Environmental Policy

We re-use, re-cycle and reduce wastage

We aim to be 100% carbon neutral in everything we do

We develop conscious partnerships and give back

Our disposables are all eco-friendly and compostable

Our food is ethically sourced


We are committed to reducing our use of plastic

We have developed conscious supplier partnerships

We use reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging

We endeavour to operate as sustainably as possible

We only use packaging when necessary