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Building a smiley home on set each
day with our truly awesome food

Founder Nichola Smith chopping food

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The Founder

I grew up in a ‘party’ attitude household, with an open door at all times, music playing day and night, amazing ‘Abigail’s Party’ food (it was the 70’s!) on the go and surrounded by love and laughter. I have always thought that Healthy Yummies is a larger extension of this!

A film set is a magical wonderland AND a stress factory with thousands of pieces, at the heart of it all is an extended kitchen table, a place that feels like home, Healthy Yummies.

Our productions need catering/craft services and a happy set, our cast and crew need to be fed and watered, and to have their spirits raised, and our employees need to enjoy working for us and feel supported to go that extra mile.

We give amazing flavours, healthy by default, colourful, inspiring variety, and choice. All set in an environment that’s welcoming, energising, happy, and served by trained, reliable, capable loving and caring staff.

Food is at the centre of it all, it sounds like a cliché, but so true – food made with love! It’s never just fuel, there’s a purpose behind every morsel we serve, this is what drives us as a company, joins us together as people and makes us different to others.

We’re obsessed with food! Researching new trends, cooking, eating, enjoying, sharing, and perfecting. 100% nerdiness about ingredients, sourcing, and preparation, we’re proud of our craft and knowledge. No airs and graces, we are who we are!

There are very special connections made with food, ones we cherish. Food is a form of art, when a simple marriage of flavours comes together, it can be an emotional time for me! And when hiring chefs, if they make me cry with their food, they’ve got the job!

We say thanks every day to our clients, cast and crew for allowing us to do our thang!