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3 hotboxed lunches, destined for a London office. Yummies Catering provide lunch delivery in London.
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Gourmet lunches, delivered

Experience gourmet lunches delivered right to your office. Our kitchen team is led by David Wells, a finalist on MasterChef: The Professionals. We don’t offer standard sandwiches or snacks; instead, we prepare wholesome, delicious meals tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re a team of 50 or 500, Yummies has you covered. Our flexible contracts allow for daily, weekly, or one-time orders—no long-term commitments required!

How it works

  1. Weekly Menu: We provide a diverse weekly lunch menu (check out an example).
  2. Order Placement: You send us your lunch orders.
  3. Freshly Prepared: Our kitchen prepares the meals on the day of delivery.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging: We deliver individually labeled, biodegradable boxes in heated containers.
  5. Enjoy!: Sit back and savor your gourmet lunch.
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Example Week Menu


Mexican chicken thighs with dirty rice, tomato, cucumber and coriander, pickled cucumber, chilli, and spring onions. (GF & DF). (Celery, soy, mustard, sulphites.)

Tandoori marinated mixed fish marsala with pilar rice, green mango chutney, and onion bhaji (GF). (Fish, celery, mustard, sulphite, milk.)

Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon Pie with herb new potatoes, steamed savoy cabbage and herb gravy. (Sulphites.)

(served with marinated chicken, fish, tofu (SOYA), halloumi (Milk).) Asian stir-fried salad with steamed rice, soya and ginger dressing, sesame, and pickled ginger (GF & DF). (soya, sesame, sulphites, mustard, celery.)


Shepherd’s pie with a confit garlic, potato, and herb topping, medley of vegetables, rosemary, and thyme gravy (GF). (Celery, mustard, milk, sulphites.)

Thai fish cakes with a pickled vegetable garnish, sweet chilli dipping sauce, sticky coconut rice, and sesame Pak choi (GF&DF). (Fish, sulphites, sesame, mustard, celery.)

Vegetable bean chilli with steamed rice, guacamole, tomato salsa, pickled jalapenos and chillis (GF&DF). (Celery, mustard, sulphites.)

(Served with marinated chicken, fish, tofu (SOYA), halloumi (Milk).) Chicory, poached pear, rocket, blue cheese, and pumpkin seed salad.
(Milk in cheese, changed to vegan feta for vegan (soya).)


Classic beef bourguignon (no bacon/wine) with potato puree and maple-roasted carrots (GF). (Celery, mustard, sulphites, milk.)

Roasted cod with a chimichurri dressing, smashed new potatoes with garlic, petit pois a la franchise (GF). (Fish, milk, sulphites, mustard.)

Sweet potato and chickpea curry with steamed rice green chutney with onion bhajis (GF& DF). (Mustard, celery, sulphite.)

(Served with beef bavette, fish, or grilled butternut squash.) Lightly curried sweet potato, chickpea, apricot, raisin salad with mixed leaf, radish, and coriander cress (GF& DF). (Mustard, sulphite.)


Chicken breast with a creamy mushroom and tarragon sauce, sauteed potatoes, fine beans and diced tomatoes, spring onions (GF). (Milk, celery, mustard, sulphites.)

Roasted jerk salmon fillet, jerk sauce, rice and peas, pineapple, chilli and spring onion (GF& DF). (Soya, celery, mustard, sulphites.)

Harissa green lentil and potato pie, with steamed cabbage, with Cajun gravy. (GF& DF). (Soya, celery, mustard, sulphites.)

(Marinated fried banana blossom, marinated salmon, marinated chicken.) Cobb salad, sweetcorn, avocado, Roquefort cheese, mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber (GF& DF). (Milk, sulphite, mustard.)


Slowly cooked beef Bolognese with spaghetti, parmesan and rustic garlic croutons. (Gluten, milk, celery, mustard, sulphites.)

Marinated mixed fish cooked in a coconut, lemongrass and ginger sauce with sesame seed and lime rice served with burnt aubergine, tomato and fried coriander seeds (GF& DF). (Fish, sesame, sulphite, celery, mustard, sulphites.)

BBQ pulled jack fruit in a sticky BBQ sauce with dirty rice, Cajun con on the cob, and jalapeno slaw (GF& DF). (Sulphites, celery, mustard.)

Grilled vegan Quorn fillet (gluten), mackerel fillets, chicken thighs Rice salad, smashed avocado, pickled cucumber, tomato, mixed leaves, herb mayonnaise (DF). (Mustard, sulphite.)

TIRAMISU (egg, dairy, gluten) or CHOCOLATE CARAMEL BROWNIE MOUSSE (egg, dairy, gluten) or COCONUT FRUIT OF THE FOREST PANNA COTTA (soya (GF & DF)) or FLAPJACK & CHOCOLATE MOUSSE (sulphites, soya).

Office Catering FAQs

Yes, our minimum order is 50 meals.

Absolutely! We use ‘hot boxes’ – insulated portable containers that preserve temperature for up to 4 hours. As soon as your food is ready it’s transferred into hot-boxes at our headquarters.

Our lunches are £12 per person.

Ideally we require 72hrs notice for ordering.

We offer hot options, salads and, for an extra £2, delightful desserts crafted by our Harrods-trained pastry chef. See our indicative menu above for an idea of what we can provide.

Yes, you can add a delightful dessert, crafted by our Harrods-trained pastry chef, for £2.

We cover all areas of London and surrounding counties inside the M25, as well as the M4 corridor as far as Reading.

If the contract extends beyond one week, delivery is included; otherwise, there’s a £95 delivery fee.

Let’s discuss your office catering requirements…

Tell us about your requirements using the adjacent form. Give us a rough idea of dates and numbers and let’s figure out a plan. Alternatively you can get in touch via the following:


telephone 07900 245969

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